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Do you need some fresh inspiration or creative experiences for your group? David Orth uses stories, art, and a touch of philosophy to take groups on short journeys into new frontiers. Art is not just a 'thing' artists do. 'Artistry' applies to everything. It is an intuitive, experiential process that offers insights into our work, our personal relationships, our spirituality, and, of course, our universal need to lead creative, thoughtful lives.

Orth is a professional sculptor, a wood & metal craftsman, and designer. While he has two degrees in philosophy his talks and leadership style are down to earth. Engaging, fun, and insightful talks and workshops available for professional associations, design groups, churches, and retreat centers.

Topics range broadly, but are tailored to each group. The emphasis can range from inspirational, to practical, to philosophical - often a little of all three. When appropriate Orth includes practical excercises with simple art materials and audience participation. Here are some of his recent talks:

“Aboriginal Art & the Furniture Designer: Ethical Questions and New Perspectives”, Chicago Furniture Designer’s Association

"Listening: the Hidden Source of Creativity", Willow Creek Crystal Lake

"The Shamanic Dimension of Design: How Design Accesses Difficult Human Emotions & Supports Human Transformation" - The Chicago Furniture Designers Association

“Imagining a Career in the Arts”, North Park University

"An Artist's Journey: Portfolio Review" - This visual history of Orth's personal development as an artist is a roller coaster ride of lessons on failure, overcoming creative blocks, and reinventing the wheel. This talk & slide show has been given at prominent art schools as well as local community groups.

Other topics include:


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