Creativity/Art Coaching

"The artist is not a special kind of person,
but every person is a special kind of artist."

- Ananda Coomaraswamy

Art, Design, & Craft are qualities with which we can approach any personal task or profession. Your Art & Craft evolves as you ask yourself the deeper questions regarding what you do and how you do it. Perhaps you paint or write. Perhaps you fix cars or manage people. No matter what kind of "artist" you are, you are drawn to that sense of flow and connection in your work.  Few things beat the feeling that something new has happened because you were there to welcome it.

The creative life is much like a hike into the woods. You get off the grid and out of the city where you can enjoy the wild beauty of nature, stretch your legs and feel yourself coming back into life.  However, getting off the beaten path also means that you can get lonely, get wet, get hungry, and get turned around. Joy and trouble go together. Whether you are just beginning to think about how your life could be more creative or are deep into your craft, this search is central to meaning and happiness in your life. At the same time it can throw you up against every kind of practical trouble, philosophical enigma, and personal block.

I have walked this unmarked path for decades. I offer companionship, advice, and new challenges to professional and amateur artists - and to anyone who wants to make their life or their job more creative and real.

- David Orth

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David Orth
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Sessions are $40 for a half hour - $75 for an hour

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